A Porch is Not Just a Porch

The word “porch” means different things to different people.

At John Ford Construction, we help you determine what you’re looking for in a porch, and how to best design something that will meet your needs. Are you looking for a simple “mudroom,” or for something larger with more living space? Do you want an enclosed structure, or an open-sided covered porch where you can relax outside yet still be protected from the sun or rain? Are you seeking privacy, or trying to build community ties with an open, inviting structure?

We help you to consider these and other questions. What may appear to be simple on the surface likely has other factors worth considering. It’s our goal to help you address your needs and wants from a variety of angles so that you receive the perfect porch.

Whether you’re seeking a screened porch, a three-season model, a gazebo or a four-season addition, we’re here to help. Our porch designs can be unfinished screened areas or custom finished designs with gas fireplace and other accessories.

For more information about our porches, please contact us for a free, in-home consultation and estimate. You can reach us at 651-308-3599 or info@johnfordconstruction.com.