Deck Replacements / Additions

Tear-Offs. Re-Dos. Deck Additions.

Have an existing deck that needs replacing? Unhappy with the current design and functionality and want to remove it and start over? Interested in how an addition might give you more usable space while improving the value of your home?

For 40 years John Ford Construction has been helping home-owners make informed decisions about how to enhance or replace their existing structure to improve their home’s functionality, aesthetics and value.

We understand that, in some cases, choosing to replace or add-on to an existing structure can be more confusing than starting from scratch. There are a lot of questions to be considered: What is the current condition of the structure? Do I need to completely replace it, or can we just update some sections? If I do need to replace it, do I have to take care of the disposal of the materials? If I decide to add-on, will the design and materials match the original structure? At John Ford Construction, we help you answer all these questions, and we ensure that the process is as simple and clear as possible. (Oh, and if you do choose to replace your entire structure, we’ll handle all the disposal for you.)

We offer a wide variety of options that will complement any of your new, add-on or replacement deck ideas. Offering 100% cedar decks to the multitude of maintenance-free products, we can create a new deck or an addition that will fit your budget.