Maintenance-Free Decks

Strong. Long-Lasting. Easy.

Maintenance-free decks are so named because they do not need to be stained or sealed. While less cost-effective than cedar, this durable, easy option is the top choice for many homeowners.

Materials Used

Maintenance-free decks are made of a composite building material composed of a combination of plastic and wood fiber.


Though its coloring cannot match the beauty of natural wood, there are many ways we can enhance the beauty of your maintenance-free deck, including:

  • “Hybrid” Decks: mixing and matching maintenance-free materials with wood
  • Stone Accents
  • Larger Posts
  • Angled Decking
  • Borders
  • Fascia Boards

We also have extensive experience with accessories – like benches, pergolas, hanging plant trellises, railing flower boxes, privacy fences, and custom stairways – that help to give your project the personality and distinctiveness you’re seeking.

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